Six more British government soldiers killed in Afghanistan


So, another six men die in the British government’s stupid invasive occupation of a distant foreign land.

If anyone would like to write in and illuminate answers to the following questions, I would be most obliged:

  • Why did the British government invade Afghanistan?
  • What was its mission there?
  • Has the mission been fulfilled?
  • If the mission has been fulfilled, why is the British government still there?
  • If the mission hasn’t been fulfilled, why is it planning on leaving?
  • In terms of days, weeks, and months, how long do the experts in the British government think it will be before the Taliban retake the British government controlled areas in Afghanistan, once its troops leave?

I’ve been reading the Daily Bell’s analysis of the situation, recently, and it’s the best explanation I’ve read. If any Power elite readers would like to point me towards a more cogent explanation, then please point away.


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One Response to Six more British government soldiers killed in Afghanistan

  1. I’ve been waiting to have an opportunity to ask someone who supports the war: “quick, in 10 seconds explain why we are in Afghanistan.” I can’t imagine anyone would be able to respond in that time, though maybe mainstream news watchers might have some answer instilled in them from their MSM thought controllers.

    I remember a speech from Stephen Kinzer and his theory was that ideas about wars circulate in Washington for years while support grows until the political climate allows them to invade. Which explains why there isn’t just a single reason for war. He explains it in the first few minutes of this vid:

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