Power elite mouthpiece in favour of paper money, shock

The English mouthpiece of the Bilderberg Group, Chatham House, have come out against gold, preferring useless state fiat paper money instead (I know, it’s remarkable).

Though I don’t know why Chatham House bothered spending all of that money from their shadowy paymasters on their research, as I could’ve told them their conclusions before they wrote their report.

In fact, I could’ve written their report for them, if they’d bunged me a few quid and managed to somehow suspend my ethical belief system for a couple of days.

I wouldn’t have even needed Google, like Stratfor, and could’ve done it with my eyes shut (as I’m a reasonable touch typer).

But, it is at least interesting to see what glosses the power elite like to shroud their paper money mysteries in.

Detlev Schlichter has produced a sober critique of their pronouncement:


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