It’s Gold Smash Week on King World News

Eric King rolls out many of his heaviest guns to cover the Bilderberg-organised smash on the gold price, last week, via their central banking network allied to their paper bullion dealers.

Just as the ECB issued another Styxian current of paper Euro rubbish into the European banking industry, the precious metal paper markets were smashed back to wipe out most of their gains for January and particularly February, to hide the failings of the Bilderberg group’s paper money.

Thankfully, this makes it cheap enough for the strong hands to load up on some more physical precious metal, outside of the banking system, but many weak hands out there in ‘Orthodox World’ will have been frightened off again by this huge level of downside volatility.

Eric King’s guests explain all, in the interviews below. Hard-core Hoppeians should listen out particularly for the excellent interview with Egon von Greyerz, in which he laughs at Warren Buffett for being three and half times behind the return of gold over the last ten years.

More technical followers of the precious metals markets may also like the Andrew Maguire interview. But as they say in all the best roadside restaurants, they’re all good:

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