What should George Osborne do to provide a tax cut?


I’ve become increasingly disappointed in the Telegraph, over the last few months, as it seems to be taking an inreasingly toadying approach to our elite-appointed masters in Whitehall.

Take for instance the loaded quiz above, taken from this article.

It appears to be taking the approach of one of Obama’s controllers, Jon Favreau, who likes to present “voters” with restricted choices, in the speeches of his puppet, all of which are acceptable to the administration.

So if voters are annoyed about some hideous socialist boondoggle, the next Obama speech poses a question.

“Would you like me to raise taxes on X or taxes on Y, to pay for this programme to ensure social justice for all, in the United States?”

Given a choice, to assuage their anger, the voters choose more taxes on X, and thus their anger dissipates when Obama, at their instruction, raises taxes on X.

Lucky X.

You can try this trick on small children, and it works well on them too. If little Johnny refuses to eat his vegetables, ask him whether he’ll eat his sprout or his parsnip, and he’ll choose one of them and eat it, happy in his knowledge that he has demonstrated control.

And so it is with that loaded quiz above. The government has run out of our money, so what is it to do? Hammer Peter, to pay Paul? Borrow more now, with the loans to be paid off with even higher taxes in future? Or adopt an attitude of “mustn’t grumble”, tug our forelocks, and continue handing over our shekels and groats to our wise masters?

Because these are, naturally, the only three possible courses of action.

Well, how about I extend the list?

How about?

  • Abolish all absolutely spurious goverment agencies (such as the department of business, skills, and innovation and the food standards agency)
  • Start privatising any government departments left, including the BBC
  • Start privatising all local government ‘services’
  • Limit all remaining government salaries to a maximum of £50,000 a year
  • Leave the EU and cut all subsidies and taxes feeding EU bureaucracy
  • Cut all government overseas ‘aid’ and leave charity to individuals
  • Cut all agricultural subsidies
  • Cut all corporate subsidies
  • Pull all military forces out of all foreign countries, now
  • Let England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland all become independent countries, and stop all cross-border subsidies

I know George Osborne is a regular attendee at the Bilderberg group meetings, but I would have thought they would invite people with more imagination.

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2 Responses to What should George Osborne do to provide a tax cut?

  1. Archie Dean says:

    I cannot agree that the BBC should be privatised. It should be abolished
    in its entirety, its staff dispersed into private industry as a means to provide
    the blinkered souls therein a rudimentary introduction into the reality of modern
    day economic life, its buildings bulldozed and its name eradicated from the
    history books.

    The remainder of your proposals seem modest enough though!


    • Andy Duncan says:

      I like your thinking! 🙂

      My apologies for failing to be radical enough, though in my defence, I was trying to be moderate.

      With full ‘hardcore’ mode switched on, via the ‘race’ button, there would only be one choice:

      => Abolish all government

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