Another British state subject deported to Third World Country on no evidence

And so, another serf of the Bilderberg empire is dragged off to an imperial court, in El Paso, to face retribution from his imperial masters.

And the supine poodle David Cameron, instead of hiding his face, like any decent Quisling would do (as Gordon Brown would have done) is actually defending the actions of his British state in shoving this poor man onto a plane into hell.

As the video above says, this really is an absolute disgrace. Once again, whatever you think of the British state’s appalling parliamentary and legal system, even if Mr Tappin has done the things he is accused of, from his office in Surrey, he has done nothing that a British state court would trouble itself with, even under the hundreds of thousands of fiat laws that strangle this benighted country.

And yet, when the UK government’s masters in the US say ‘We’ve heard a rumour that one of your Joes has done something we disapprove of, so send him to us right now’ they fall over themselves to obey. No evidence, no discussion, just put him on the plane.

And here’s the choice he faces when he gets there; (1) Say you’re guilty, and spend two years in jail, before it’s all over; (2) Say you’re innocent, wait four years in holding while the case is prepared, spend $1 million dollars on lawyers, and probably lose the case, because none of your witnesses are prepared to risk travelling to the US (perhaps now one of the world’s most dangerous countries), and then spend the rest of your life in an orange jump suit in an American prison.

So it’s either two years in hell or the rest of his life in hell. All he has to do to get choice number one, is to love Big Brother, obey Big Brother’s whims, and do what he’s told with the plea bargain, so Big Brother can get ‘a result’.

Hopefully Mr Tappin will do what any sensible person would do, love Big Brother, at least to its face, and get this hell over with as quickly as possible.

Sickening. And very worrying.


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One Response to Another British state subject deported to Third World Country on no evidence

  1. Paul Vahur says:

    A disgrace.

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