Nigel Farage again, on Greece, Iran, and Europe

What the EU plan to do to Greece

Nigel Farage, serious contender for the title of Europe’s best politician – with Ron Paul clearly holding the title of World’s best politician – is on King World News again, with another update on the chaotic situation in Greece.

Although my money’s on the Drachma coming back into existence within a few hours of March 23rd, Farage is less concrete, though he does say it will be back sometime in 2012.

So why are the Unholy Troika of the EU, the ECB, and the IMF (as controlled by Washington) so desperate to keep Greece in the Euro, in the face of probable Greek revolution? Listen to Farage, to discover his views:

For those of a more conspiratorial bent, who view the EU as more sinister than stupid, you might also want to read the Daily Bell’s latest prognostications on why Greece is being taken out to the chicken shed for a little light neck shredding. The clue to what the piece is about, is in the title:

As the fascist macro parasite Napoleon might have said, it seems you can’t make a single omelette out of Europe, without breaking a few eggs, on the long bloody road to a single world fascist macro parasite government.

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