Latest betting on re-emergence of Drachma: March 23rd

Don't tell anyone we're shutting it all down on March 23rd!

If I was Greek and still held savings in Euros, inside Greece, inside Greek banks, then I would be getting all of it out now, and into an account in Berlin, in Germany, or into gold in Switzerland, if that’s still possible, because the latest betting is that the Drachma is coming back on March 23rd, in a co-ordinated centrally planned operation, by our betters and masters in the EU, ECB, and IMF Troika (and some of their appointees in what is laughingly known as ‘The Greek Government’).

But the central planners don’t want us to know about this plan, because apparently we’re all too simple to understand the benefits of losing half or more of our savings to prop up the grotesquely lavish lifestyle of worse-than-useless bureaucrats and politicians. If you do want to know what they’re planning to do to you, then read ZeroHedge. It’s all there, down to the last soon-to-be-devalued Euro cent.

In the meantime, if that’s too unsettling, you might want to listen to Lew Rockwell’s latest thinking on Greece in particular, and the EU in general, which had me cheering from the rafters.

Alternatively, you can listen to my favourite regular guest on King World News, John Embry, who concentrates more on how the Greek situation is going to affect the gold markets.

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