The Austrian School is despised because it tells the truth

There is an extraordinary piece on The Daily Bell, perhaps the best their elves have published in several months, on why the Austrian School is sweeping the Internet. Take a look.

Here’s my favourite quote:

“The reason that Austrian economics has swept the blogosphere is because it is the only school that tells the truth about the world. Most people in this world are apparently damaged in childhood and grow up wanting to control other people. Going into politics and writing laws is a good way to do this. Austrian economics confronts these damaged people – who compensate for the lacunae in their own souls by attempting to control others – with the truth about their behavior. It is hard to tolerate exposure and powerbrokers often react petulantly to economic truths by attacking the messenger. This is why Austrian economics, as it grows ever more popular, is increasingly being attacked by low-level supporters of Anglosphere elite policies.”



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One Response to The Austrian School is despised because it tells the truth

  1. “supporters of Anglosphere elite policies.”

    I’d prefer for us not to be dominated by any elite, but it that hasn’t been a choice that has presented itself throughout our history. Instead, it’s been a matter of *which* elite we were to be dominated by.

    Much as I dislike the political classes of the Anglosphere, I think we’re better off with them running the world than any of the other candidates that have presented themselves over the last 1000 years.

    Papist theocracy, Islamic theocracy, French revolutionary socialism, German national socialism, Soviet communism, Chinese communism, Chinese “state capitalism”. Would any of these have been preferable?

    For all its drawbacks, Anglosphere dominance represents the least bad option we’ve had to date, and the best prospect today for a peaceful transition to a libertarian world.

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