Is the Euro really like the Hotel California? Perhaps you can check out permanently, after all

As UBS said last September, the Euro currency is the blood that pulses around the Eurozone, and if Greece were to default and leave the Euro, as it’s likely to do in the next month or so, then the effect on the Eurozone would be like losing a limb.

Hence, the frantic attempts to force debts into Greece, so they can keep paying off Hotel California banks, so the minibar purchases can keep going for one more round of refills.

But in the end, how many minibar chocolates can a Greek man eat, who is already maxed out on all of his credit cards?

As the day of the Greek check out approaches, and to avoid torturing you with any more overstretched analogies, I thought that as it’s Friday, we could take our mind off things by watching the great Eagles classic.


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An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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