Mafia stymied: Harry Redknapp survives tax persecution

Whenever the mafia want to demonstrate their control of an area, they usually select a prominent citizen who is standing up to them, in some way, and then victimise them in a vicious way to show everybody who is boss.

That is what has been going on for five years now, with an £8 million pound British government persecution of the excellent English football manager, Harry Redknapp, who gloriously was found unanimously ‘not guilty’ of tax evasion charges, today, by a splendid jury of right-minded people.

Strangely, HM Revenue and Customs accused Redknapp of ‘corruption’, because they had decided he hadn’t been hammered enough in paying wages, expenses, and pensions, for them and all the other parasites who cling uselessly and malevolently to the British government’s payroll, who provide dangerous shoddy tax-subsidised monopoly ‘services’ that nobody would ever pay for with their own money if given a valid choice.

In my mind, there can only be ‘corruption’ when government officials help themselves to the public purse, or abuse their regulatory powers to extract pelf and other privileges from the rest of us. Aside from straightforward crime, such as theft, everything else, to me, is just private business between consenting adults.

Fortunately, as I always do everything my accountant says, and as I am heavily insured against tax investigation, I hope I am never hauled over the coals, in the same way that Harry Redknapp was, for daring to annoy the British government, but it really was a boost to see them thwarted in their vindictive attempt to ruin the life of this man, who brings joy to tens of thousands of football supporters, and who only recently was struggling with health problems.

As he’s a shoe-in for the vacant England soccer manager’s job, hopefully this release from the torment of prolonged government abuse, will spur him on to do great things for the English soccer team.

And will anyone at HM Revenue and Customs be made to pay, in some way, for the £8 million pounds they wasted on hounding this innocent man?

To ask the question is to know the answer.


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