Rockwell rocks

You like snow, Adolf, and I like sunshine, so you go to Davos, and I'll go to Porto Alegre - that way, we'll keep both bases covered

A full no-holds-barred shellacking from Lew Rockwell, aimed at those who get their kicks out of controlling the lives of other people for their own personal benefit, most of whom in the world were gathered recently at either the World Economic Forum in Davos (read, The Inner Party of World Government Fascists), or the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre (read, The Inner Party of World Government Socialists), with perhaps half of the infamous 1% at each.

Many of these people are of course inter-changeable, as socialism and fascism are inter-changeable, so it must have been hard for them to decide which to attend.

Anyhow, take it away Mr Rockwell:

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