The biter bit? Iran to cut off oil supplies to EU


When serial liar and all-round rotten egg, William Hague, British foreign secretary, started dancing for his American masters, in building up a worldwide block on Iranian oil exports, he probably thought it would be crumpets in Berlin by teatime.

But with Club O’Med dependent on Iranian oil, Greece, Italy, and Spain were given ‘extensions’ on the proposed embargo, to find alternative oil supplies, which is a bit like announcing to a sexual partner that you’re going to chuck them over, shortly, for someone else, but would they mind still providing sex for a while until the arrangements can be finalised.

With the Indian and Chinese refusal to stop buying Iranian oil, and with Russia likely to soak up excess Iranian oil and re-badge it and re-export it as Russian oil, Iran could possibly make even more money from its oil than they did before the embargo was planned, as Club O’Med scramble for alternative energy supplies.

In the meantime, Iran may tell the EU to find its sex elsewhere, rather than continue being used like a patsy, before Greece, Italy, and Spain are ready to swap beds. Which could cause all three countries to go over the brink.

Nice one, William.

In the meantime, American agents will be pressuring nuclear inspectors to report that there are ‘problems’ with Iran’s nuclear programme, while Chinese and Russian agents will be performing the opposite role, while three Israeli dolphin submarines continue to wait for the USS Enterprise, off the Persian Gulf, to sink her when she arrives, if they can get away with this latest false flag operation to kick-start Hague’s planned war.

Having been walked into the Iraq war with obvious lies, it’s going to be hard for Hague and other Bilderbergers to walk the western world into another dangerous war, especially with few in the world having a clear idea as to why the Bilderberg army is still in Afghanistan, after more than a decade of watching coffins arriving back home on a clockwork basis.

With the Taliban waiting to take over Afghanistan again, as soon as the Bilderberg army does leave due to public pressure, and thereby cutting off all that central Asian oil to put it back into Russian control, it therefore becomes even more essential for Iran to be occupied by the Bilderbergs, before Iran’s new policy of selling oil for gold quickly destroys their oil-based dollar. Without control of the world’s oil, the paper dollar will soon become worthless, dragging all of its daughter paper currencies with it.

It would seem World War III is brewing up nicely, with Oceania, plus the EU, against Eastasia and Eurasia, minus the EU.

William Hague, history will remember your name as the greatest bungler of all time. Chamberlain really will look like an amateur in your dome-headed shadow.

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