Big Brother Loves You!

And your wallet, and your obedience, and your ever-loving gratitude

Detlev Schlichter tells it like it is, in his latest missive.

Favourite quote:

“But what does the sovereign do, the democratic masses? Well, they obey. Like obedient sheep they stand patiently in line at airports in the UK, the USA, and elsewhere, calmly watching their six-year olds being padded down by security personnel. And they happily pay their Starbucks Coffee and the pack of cigarettes (as long as we are still allowed to smoke somewhere) at Tescos with their debit cards, or buy everything on the internet, leaving for whatever they do a perfect paper trail, a seamless record kept forever. “It is so convenient. And I have nothing to hide.””

Read the rest.

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An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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