Protests erupt after Poland passes SOPA-like bill


The unwanted tax-eating money-printing parasitical mafiosi global elites – Murray Rothbard’s bands of robbers writ large – hate the Internet, because it throws light upon their criminal activities of theft, violence, and enslavement.

They’ve used paedophilia and terrorism, to try to control the flow of Internet information, but in the end they’ve stumbled upon the back door of control they have sought for a decade now, via copyright.

How happy they must be.

Fortunately, I think they’ll fail with this latest bid to censor the Internet because we know what they’re up to and we’ll work our way around it.

The world is just too inter-connected and too dependent on information technology to let them take us back to the dark ages they desire.

Though that doesn’t mean these Davos-infesting sociopaths will stop trying, or that we should just let them do what they want.


About Andy Duncan

An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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