Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: America overcomes the debt crisis as Britain sinks deeper into the swamp

Barack Obama leads the American economy towards recovery

Barack Obama leads the American economy towards recovery

Oh dear.

AEP has walked straight into the trap, laid there for him by the elites, to believe that the malevolent and incompetent United States government has somehow engineered an economic recovery.

What a shame that a man who can clearly see Mario Draghi’s printing press — in all of its money-from-thin-air glory — has failed to see Ben Bernanke’s printing press being sent into overdrive to get the elite’s favourite pet stooge, Barack Obama, re-elected back into the Puppet House.

AEP’s analysis, in the article, of Britain’s woeful position is pretty good, but it’s always a shame to see Mr Evans-Pritchard let himself down like this, though sometimes I suspect he writes this kind of article, every now and again, just to keep his berth at the Daily Telegraph, by pleasing his elitist paymasters via the pretence of soaking up one of their memes.

If this is true, it’s an odd way to earn a living.

If, alas, he’s being straight, then AEP needs to widen his reading a little.

If he really wants to see what’s going on in America, then he needs to read Robert Wenzel’s posts at the Economic Policy Journal, particularly Mr Wenzel’s series on the thoughts of Chairman Paul Krugman, the latest of which you can find here.

As a secret closet Daily Bell reader myself, you can also find a thorough analysis of AEP’s latest ‘run off the rails’, here.

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