The murmurations of paper fiat money

Eric King begins his latest King World News report in the usual fashion, talking about commodities, rare earths, silver, gold, etc., and all the usual things we love about KWN. In some ways, you can almost tell the movement direction of gold through the week, by the tone of Mr King’s voice, and the tone this week is upbeat.

However, the interview, with James Dines, takes an unpredictable, fascinating, and fractal turn, about half way through, to talk about ‘murmurations‘, or the fundamentals of mass psychology where different animal species flock in identical directions.

A classic example of that is above, where starlings flock at sunset.

Mr Dines’s speculation is that the whole of humanity is beginning to ‘murmur’ into an increasingly unstable direction (Arab Spring, Occupy London, etc.) due to a fundamental hidden cause.

Of course, this ’cause’ is not hidden from the Austrians. We know exactly what it is, and so does Mr Dines. He traces the start of this long ‘murmuration’ back to the founding of the Federal Reserve, in 1913, and the long breakage of gold from money. And then the complete break in 1971, which has led to 41 years of government printing and spending.

Anyway, perhaps the most fascinating KWN report for some time:


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