Dr. Ron Paul on What is Liberty? What is Self Ownership?

If you only ever viewed the BBC, you would be forgiven for wondering why the U.S. government Republican faction is running a competition to decide who its candidate should be in the next presidential election.

I mean, there’s Mitt Romney, and …

Well, there’s some guy who dropped out, and some guy who cheated on his wife, and Sarah Palin isn’t running, and … well, that’s about it, so let’s spend the next 29 seconds of this 30 second segment talking about Mitt Romney’s inevitable prize.

And let’s look some more at all those honed muscles under that chic telegenic shirt.

And that lovely haircut. There’s a man I would like to be.

You might even wonder why the Republican faction is bothering with this candidate, pretty though he is, as his views are virtually indistinguishable from those of Obama. And given that the Tweedledee incumbent always wins in a contest against a Tweedledum opponent, Obama will surely get another four years to wreck the planet, if Romney wins this one-legged Republican kicking contest.

But hang on, wasn’t there another guy in the back of the shot, for a second, while the BBC talked some more about Mitt Romney?

Oh yeah, there was that Ronald Reagan throwback guy, even older than the oldest American president of recent times.

But he’s got no chance, surely. Because the MSM has decided he’s unelectable. Even the BBC has the memo from the neocons in Washington, so that surely, is it. And that’s what democracy’s all about, after all. That the voters pick those candidates that they are told to pick by the government-licensed media.

Didn’t the Soviets, the Nazis, and Saddam Hussein teach us this basic lesson about democracy?

It’s a shame then, that this non-person is the one man in the Republican faction who can beat Obama, and who is capable of speaking for an hour, without notes, as if he’s reading an autocue written just ahead of time by Thomas Jefferson, but without either the autocue or Thomas Jefferson being there.

Here’s a recent speech from Ron Paul, that you’ll never hear on the BBC, as relayed by Radio Free Market, occasionally interspersed with commentary and analysis.

BTW, you never need analysis of anything Mitt Romney says, except this: “What he just read off the autocue, written by his speechwriters, pleased those voters who happened to be in the room”.

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