Dr Donald W. Miller: Enjoy Saturated Fats, They’re Good for You!

I thought I might try another cross-post, with my primal lifestyle blog, Andy’s Daily Orange (and if you thought posts were sporadic on this site, you want to try that one):

There is a medical conundrum that you’ll never read about in the Daily Telegraph or The Guardian, though I suppose it could appear in The Daily Mail.

This is that there are four peoples in the world who fight it out for the title of the globe’s biggest consumers of saturated fats.

Yet at the same time, these same four peoples fight it out for the title of the globe’s lowest incidence of coronary heart disease, and other associated arterial problems, such as strokes, etc.

Now, how can this be?

Most of the medical establishment of the western world works to the premise that ‘high saturated fat’ equals ‘high incidence of heart disease’.

And yet these four groups not only go against this trend, but completely smash it into the tiniest smithereens.

So, what’s the solution for the western medical establishment?

Change their theories and practices, or airbrush these four peoples out of existence?

Well, guess which solution to this problem was actually chosen.

Although he used to be a one-man band, perhaps in a two-man camp with Dr Atkins, Dr Donald W. Miller now has many more adherents, after bringing these kinds of cases back into the medical text books, much to the chagrin of the orthodox establishment, who would rather he and these conundrums went away.

Read his excellent article on why saturated fat is not only not bad for you, but why it is positively good for.

Pass me another Walrus.


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