Dominic Frisby: Occupy Wall Street. The Rich / Poor Divide. Fiat Money

You may remember an earlier Dominic Frisby video about the independence of gold money.

To help those people of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ and ‘Occupy London’ movements focus on the core problem of what they’re protesting about, the excellent Mr Frisby has put together another concise video, which helps explain how the fiat currency system works, and why it generates the split between the hyper-rich, and everyone else.

Here’s the blurb from YouTube:

“Despite every effort by governments, the gap between rich and poor continues to grow. It is now the biggest it has even been in history. All sorts of reasons for this have been proffered, but few, however, seem to realise that is a simple, inevitable consequence of our system of money and credit.”

Take a look:

In the same vein, you may also want to listen to Mr Frisby speaking to members of the ‘Occupy London’ movement, recently, where he enjoyed the innocent pleasure of being propositioned by a lady of the cloth, and the confusion of discussing politics with a statist anarchist (No, really):

You may laugh at some of the views put forward, but I did used to hold some of these hilarious views myself (over the age of 30), so I find the above podcast quite painful. But it’s good that someone’s going out there and trying to help spread the message of peace, freedom, and prosperity, directly on the ground.


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