Idiot Cameron throws £45 billion of UK taxpayer cash into EU sewer

It’s amazing what some mafiosi will do to retain their seat on the crime commission.

You may have thought that the UK government was spending approximately £700 billion pounds a year, while taking in only £500 billion a year in tax, leaving it £200 billion in the hole. You may have thought, that despite being £200 billion in the hole, for just this financial year, and with £1.5 trillion pounds of official debt overall, plus another £5 trillion pounds in unfunded welfare state liabilities, that stumping up £45 billion pounds to give to the IMF from thin air, or approximately 10% of the annual ‘take’, would be a bit tricky?

But that’s where you’re wrong, my friends, because you live in the world of real economics, where money has to be earned.

Governments live in an entirely different world. Here’s all that Don Cameron had to do, when ordered to do so by his Bilderberg controller, George Osborne.

Get Mervyn King, at the UK government’s money printing department to alter a computer register from this:


To this:



£45 billion pounds out of thin air, to hand to the Bilderberg committee in the EU, to push their failing political euro project on another few months, in its pathetic bid to build a G20-ruled world government, at which the British prime minister will be guaranteed a seat, so long as he complies with his orders from the G20/Bilderberg central committee (via Osborne).

Problem solved.

Until of course the rest of us inevitably destroy this project by refusing to co-operate with it, in the same way that ordinary people in Russia eventually brought down the almighty Soviet Union (despite much pain along the road).

And for this changing of 13 digital characters from a zero to a one, the Idiot Cameron gets to keep his corrupt tax-thieving place at this ‘top table’ of the G20, no doubt in ‘Britain’s long-term interest’ and nothing to do with Cameron’s personal short-term interest.

Don’t you wish you could solve your own financial problems so easily?

After all, although it’s money that’s going to be spectacularly wasted, it’s only other people’s money that Cameron is devaluing.

His own pay-off will be spectacular, if he plays his cards right, perhaps even in the rarified league of Blair, if Cameron really sells the nations of this land down the river to drown himself in pelf.


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2 Responses to Idiot Cameron throws £45 billion of UK taxpayer cash into EU sewer

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  2. demata says:

    Look. Eurozone Countries are getting ready to do a very particular Fiscal Treaty …

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