Now they’re coming at us down the wires

David 'Quisling' Cameron establishes British government independence in Washington, recently

David 'Quisling' Cameron (left) establishes British government independence in Washington, recently

I did imply recently that the best way to keep yourself safe from the U.S. government was to keep at least an ocean between yourself and it.

But as you may have read recently, a man in England, Richard O’Dwyer, is to be dragged by British government satraps to the imperial court in Washington to have judgement retributed onto him by the Emperor’s court minions.

Now I’m no believer in copyright, but I do follow all the state’s pronouncements on copyright, because they’re the ones with guns.

But this excellent entrepreneur did nothing that even the British government quislings found illegal. What he was doing with his website was perfectly legal in the UK, and he has not been charged by the British police or any British court.

But lo, unbeknownst to him, he had broken an American law.

How dare he do such a thing. How dare he not follow the minutiae of the American legal system. Did he think that living in another country and operating in another country, where his activities were perfectly legal, would protect him? What a fool. The Emperor’s rule is all-transcending, all-knowing, and omnipotent.

Strike him down!

Obviously, this is all disgusting and David Cameron and the entire British government ought to be ashamed of themselves, if not dragged out into Whitehall and stockaded for the public’s pleasure (I’ll fund the turnips).

That they should not be celebrating this man’s entrepreneurship and protecting him against the monster known as Soviet America Empire, is an absolute disgrace.

That these ‘extradition’ laws were only supposed to be used for ‘terrorism’ is something the BBC has of course failed to pick up, as they fail to pick up so much. That these ‘terrorist’ extradition laws are not rescinded immediately, and this poor gentlemen released from the hell that is about to engulf him, tells us all we need to know about David Cameron’s ‘backbone’.

The conservative faction in Parliament ought to be ashamed of itself. Sack Cameron, immediately, you clowns, if you want to preserve anything like a sense of honour, and free this innocent victim of copyright terror, who has done absolutely nothing wrong, even under the terms of your horrible British government’s own laws.

Sovereign government? You really must be joking, quislings.

It seems none of us are safe, anywhere.

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An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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3 Responses to Now they’re coming at us down the wires

  1. jack says:

    That’s the price you pay for joining the American empire. If the UK had any brains you would have thrown in with Hitler against America and Russia. Hell the UK can’t even claim they didn’t know it was coming. Everyone saw the American civil war and how the elites of America dealt with their southern conquest. Why would you expect better treatment when you submitted to America without a fight?

  2. Andy,

    How much of this was due to pressure from UK old media companies? Their issues with “piracy” are identical to those of US old media companies so it may be the case that they were able to bribe UK politicians and use extradition as a cover. This way, they could send a message to would be “pirates” and the UK politicians could blame adverse publicity on the US. I am certainly not disagreeing with your view of the appalling cession of sovereignty, but I do wonder if UK politicians were more concerned with placating old media companies to keep the bribes flowing.

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