Max Keiser: The dangers of copyright

Max Keiser devotes an entire programme to the medieval guild horror that is the demon squid of the copyright industry, which wants to destroy the Internet and jail people for years because they refuse to prop up $20 million dollar Hollywood actor fees.

It had long been my ambition to go to Auburn, Alabama, and perhaps speak at a conference (Subject title: Beautiful women, Ferraris, and how they relate to Joseph Schumpeter).

However, I fear I may never go and deliver that inspirational talk. That venue is just becoming too risky to go anywhere near.

I wonder if the LvMI have plans to get out of Auburn and go somewhere safer, such as Vancouver, Cape Town, Guatemala City, Bogota, Mogadishu, Mexico City, Sydney, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, or Zurich?

Perhaps they’re waiting to see if Romney beats Paul in the latest American beauty contest? (It seems strange to me that just one man, Romney, stands between Ron Paul and the White House. Paul would wipe the floor with Obama, and even the American MSM would have to give Paul at least 20% coverage, in a straight electoral fight between the two men. He only needs 5%. Is that why so many candidates continue for the Republican party, to give the MSM the excuse to devote all their time to pretty-boy Romney? Though of course, even if you get to the imperial lawns of the White House, you still have the armed might of the Praetorian Agencies to consider, and two corrupt houses of congress, but I digress.)

If Romney should flip-flop over the line, with the necessary money supplied by the same people who back Obama, make it Sydney, guys. I love Sydney.

If you do go to Sydney, I’ll do that Schumpeter speech. I, for one, would love to hear it.

Anyhow, here’s Keiser on copyright:

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