BBC Radio 4, Start the Week: Detlev Schlichter, 16th Jan

The heroic author of Paper Money Collapse is scheduled to appear next Monday, January 16th, on the BBC Radio 4 Start the Week programme, at 9am GMT:

These days, alas, I genuinely struggle to listen to any BBC news output, as my doctor tells me it’s bad for my blood pressure, and my psychiatrist tells me that shouting at radios is pointless, as the people at the other end can’t really hear.

However, for the steel-plated Herr Schlichter, I may try to tune in, as he enters the lions’ den.

I’ll certainly put up a link to the audio file that the BBC put up, which should last a week or so before the people I give all that tax to take it down again.

I think it’s strange that when I did used to listen to BBC Radio 4, back in the 1970s, I also used to listen to Radio Moscow.

Any difference? Not really.

They both had the same sorts of plummy-voiced arrogant socialists, from elite schools and universities, pouring continuous government lies and statistics into the ether. It was just different governments, different lies, and different statistics.

However, these days, Max Keiser on ‘Russia Today’ is excellent, whereas the BBC is still producing the same arrogant brand of world elite socialism that for some reason in those days I found so appealing (when my favourite man in world history was Joseph Stalin, which probably tells you something of my confused state).

The best of German luck to Detlev.


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