Celebrate Ten Years of the Euro

In one of my favourite sci-fi movies of recent years, Serenity, the film begins with a glimpse of the strange universe full of lies which we are supposed to worship as mere tax-paying proles.

Ruled over by the Alliance, this universe is controlled by exactly the kind of socialist/fascist construction which peppers my nightmares.

Fortunately, it’s only fantasy, so can be dismissed as irrelevant. And we know from the work of Ludwig von Mises, particularly my favourite book of his, Socialism, that such a horrible entity will never last permanently, even if somehow it should come into being for a few miserable decades.

However, take a look at the flag of the Alliance, based on the motif of the letter ‘E’:

Remind you of anything? This, perhaps?

But the European Union would never try to construct a world of lies and fabrications, just like the Alliance, to fool mere tax-paying proles that in the words of the Ministry of Magic’s Cornelius Fudge, ‘All is Well!’.

Or would they?

Take a look at perhaps the funniest/scariest video it has ever been my misfortune to pay for with tax taken against my will by the organised criminal mafia that wants to create a world government along similar lines to the Alliance.

It could almost be from the start of the movie Serenity, especially with the dumbed-down English at slow speed to try to put you to sleep.

Note also the appearance of the same man who organised the Greek government borrowing scam, and his two-second dismissal of the impending fall of the Euro.

All hail the European Union!


About Andy Duncan

An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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2 Responses to Celebrate Ten Years of the Euro

  1. Bob Roddis says:

    Have you seen the TV show [Firefly] upon which Serenity was based? 14 episodes of the same anti-bureaucratic stuff with the same cast.


  2. Andy Duncan says:

    It was a terrible shame that they cancelled Firefly, but at least we got the 14 episodes. I hope they make the second movie, too.

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