Detlev Schlichter: The nightmare after Christmas


Jesus Christ only used violence once in his recorded life, when the Prince of Peace assaulted the money changers in the temple for their monetary manipulations which had offended the Son of God.

In this Christian spirit, I thought it right that we should therefore share the recent thoughts of Herr Detlev Schlichter on the the recent money printing by the ECB inflation temple of half a trillion Euros to bail out their own money changer friends, so that they in turn can bail out the ECB’s government money eating friends.

Who actually pays for all of this pecuniary largesse with ultimate real resources? Who just paid all the bank bonuses of Europe with this half a trillion Euros? (Clue: The ECB have nothing but paper, ink, and the ability to change binary zeroes into binary ones.) Who just paid off all the government employment sectors of Europe so that incumbent political factions can keep their jobs into the New Year? (Clue: Governments have nothing except that which they steal from others.)

Yes, dear friends, all those who just received their bank bonuses on Friday, and all those in government employment who just received their December pay cheque slips, would like to salute you.

Or at least, they ought to salute you, for keeping their gravy boat sailing past the latest payoff day.

Here’s a quote to tempt you on the latest Schlichter file:

“What we have experienced in the UK in 2011 provides a good forecast in my view for the entire Western world for 2012: rising unemployment, weak or no growth, failure of the government to rein in spending, growing public debt, further expansion of the central bank’s balance sheet, rising inflation.”

Read the rest, here.

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