Radio Free Market World Report: The End of the Mega States?

In our latest edition of Radio Free Market World Report, I talk to Roman Skaskiw about the global secession movement and particularly how this applies to the United States and the European Union. We examine why the world’s wealthiest countries, on a per capita basis, tend to be the smallest states, and why the major exception to this general rule, the United States, managed to avoid the trend.

We discuss whether the United States itself should be saved from secession, why European countries tend to be both socialist and independent, and whether the world will move towards a global government or a global constellation of micro-states.

Along the way we mention the Ukraine, Ron Paul, Texas, Belgium, Scotland, Ireland, and Iowa, and many other points in-between.

Roman is a former officer in the US Army who served two full tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here is an MP3 link to the interview:

Here is a link to the original article on Radio Free Market World Report.

Roman also runs his own libertarian website which you can find here.

Much of the interview is based on a recent piece Roman wrote for, which you can find here.


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