Radio Free Market World Report: Our Man in Belgium

I thought I would get behind my podcasting microphone after a break, for Radio Free Market World Report, and examine the situation in the EU with my good friend, Vincent J. de Roeck.

Vincent is the former Director of Programmes for the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists and a financial and legal consultant in Brussels, Belgium.

Here is the MP3 link to the podcast:

In the interview we talk about the current political train wreck known as the European Union, and its poster child, the Euro fiat currency.

We also touch upon the banking technocrat takeovers of Italy and Greece, the collapse of the Belgian bank, Dexia, and the re-emergence of the Belgian government, after it ceased to exist for eighteen months.

Are we seeing, before our eyes, the creation of the Fourth Reich, under a Greater Deutschmark, or is this political and financial mess simply the result of endless government interventions which will later beget further government interventions, as Mises long predicted?

If you live in Europe (or indeed anywhere else living in similar conditions) how can you preserve your liberty under these conditions, and what will be the short-run effects of the latest EU summit, and its long-run effects?

We discuss all of this, and much more, in this 21-minute interview.

Here is the link to the associated page on Radio Free Market World Report.


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