The choice for the peoples of Europe is Iceland vs. Ireland

The controlled puppets who like to call themselves European politicians will next week announce the biggest money-printing programme since the Hungarian inflation in 1945-46.

This will be expressly designed to bail out those European governments who have been living a dolce vita life for the last ten years, since the Euro paper currency was formed as part of the overall political project to form an inescapable world government.

This is so those controlled governments can keep paying over your money to those who lent them your money to pay for their welfare programmes.

Therefore, all those forces that want a world government will do whatever they can to keep kicking this kryptonite can down the road.

Therefore the rest of us are going to be bled white for two or three decades to pay for all of their mistakes, with higher taxes, and more money printing, to pay off all the risk-seeking plutocrats who otherwise would be totally busted and looking for gainful employment along with the rest of us working schlepps.

The plutocrats would have privatised any profits they made from their deals. Now that the risks they took went the wrong way, they want to socialise their losses onto you. And because they own and control the politicians, that’s exactly what they’re going to do.

Now the question is, do you want to be bled white to pay for other people’s mistakes so that they can continue to be rich and powerful, and you poor and weak, or do you want your freedom and your life back from those who are about to steal both?

Do you want to be a slave or a human being?

The choice is yours. The choice is Iceland or Ireland.

The answer is debt repudiation. You owe your government nothing. You owe your government’s employees nothing. You owe your government’s bondholders nothing. You owe these plutocrats nothing.

Choose government debt repudiation.

You can read more about repudiation here, by Murray Rothbard.

You can also read about the current European mess, here, and why austerity is going to wipe out your life for the next two decades, if you sit back and let it.

And why it won’t work anyway, even on the Keynesians’ own terms.

So we either collapse the system now, and pick ourselves up, or we go through two decades of misery and then watch the system collapse anyway.

Central planning always fails. It took the Soviet Union 70 years to go bust. It took the fiat-currency western world only 40 years.


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An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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