Scratching at the Plutocracy

Call them whatever you will – the global kleptocratic elite, the plutocracy, the black church, the illuminati, the Bilderbergers, or the main feast of the day at the Daily Bell – it’s sometimes hard to find out who these people are who continually try to pull all of our strings in their great ennui-solving board game of inter-generational power and wealth, most often via their hand-puppet politicians.

However, it would appear that Andrew Gavin Marshall is going to right that wrong with a new book all about them (whoever they are).

Yes, we did spot the three who broke cover recently, to now run the ECB, the Italian government, and the Greek government. But where are the rest? Are they all at the opera hatching secret plans via hidden microphones and earpieces to corner all of the fresh water in the world?

Or are they closer to hand, hidden in plain sight?

Mr Marshall is going to try to lay them on a plate for us.

Here’s a pre-publication sample chapter that might interest you:

Yes, conspiracies; we got ’em.

Here’s what the final book will cover, if there’s enough paper in the world to print a couple of thousand copies:

  • The emergence of the nation-state, capitalism, and central banking
  • The rise of the European empires
  • The rise of the banking dynasties: Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller
  • Resistance and revolution against the elite power structures
  • The origins of the educational system
  • Development of elite ideology and philosophy – the concept of ‘social control’
  • Origins and aims of the major philanthropic foundations (Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller)
  • The role of foundations in social engineering and social control
  • Emergence and influence of powerful think tanks: Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission
  • Development of public relations, propaganda, and the consumer society
  • The Federal Reserve, World Wars, and the origins of the American Empire
  • Nature of the American Empire: National Security State (CIA, Pentagon), and the economic apparatus (World Bank, IMF), and other dominant institutions such as the UN, NATO, and Bank for International Settlements (BIS), as well as the role of the major foundations in the construction of knowledge and education for empire
  • Wars, coups, and assassinations of nations and leaders who threaten the dominant powers
  • Poverty, economic exploitation, and control over the ‘Third World’ nations
  • Development and evolution of the elite ideology of ‘globalism’ – the objective of which is to create the ideas and institutions of a ‘global government’
  • Foundations, NGOs, and social movements: Civil Rights, population control, environmentalism

That should keep the author busy, and prevent him from having enough time to engage in either long country walks or flights in light aeroplanes.

Even Murray Rothbard would have perhaps struggled with that staggering workload, so let’s hope the finished book makes it onto a Kindle near you before the author also feels a desperate need for an open-topped drive through Dallas, Texas.

Good luck, Andrew Gavin Marshall.

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An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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1 Response to Scratching at the Plutocracy

  1. Gregario says:

    Have you heard him lately? He seems quite solid and conving. I really think he´s handling it, and it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on him.

    But, hey! What do I know?

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