Jeremy Clarkson on public sector strikes

In case you missed it, here is Jeremy Clarkson on what should be done with the government drones who went ‘on strike’ yesterday – if you noticed – to protest that the rest of us aren’t being taxed enough to guarantee their gilt-edged government pensions:

Naturally, the po-faced drone leaders who called this strike have lost their sense of humour over Clarkson’s statement, assuming they originally possessed a sense of humour, which is unlikely.

In the infamous words of Corporal Jones, these drones really didn’t like it up ’em, when they got the message on what most of the country – outside of the tax-fed haciendas of Guardianista-land – was actually thinking.

Their ironic solution? Like all tyrants; shoot the messenger.

[Yes, I know Jeremy Clarkson earns over a million a year from a tax-fed institution, the BBC. However, when the revolution comes, brother, I’ll know which side of the barricade he’ll be on.]


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One Response to Jeremy Clarkson on public sector strikes

  1. Another point of view on Clarkson’s public sector strike remark – from Poland:

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