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The bubble in government bonds is finally bursting

Here is Detlev Schlichter with his take on the German bond auction failure: The short of the century – The bubble in government bonds is finally bursting Here’s a quote to tempt you: “While the math seems to be clear, … Continue reading

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Connecting the dots: Can you see what it is yet?

With Dexia bank failing, MF Global failing, and German government bond auctions failing, Bad Ass Billionaire Eric Sprott thinks it’s time for even the non-Austrians out there to start connecting the dots. He predicts that we will either head into … Continue reading

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Official: David Cameron lives in cloud-cuckoo land

Back in the studio, Max and Stacy spend a considerable amount of time in this report talking about the state of the UK, and its nincompoop political hacks, such as David Cameron and George Osborne. Max even gets so worked … Continue reading

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Only endless money printing can ‘save’ the Euro

The house magazine of the elite, The [Keynesian] Economist, is remarkably accurate for once in its summary of the Euro’s future: “The crisis in the euro area is turning into a panic and dragging the zone into recession. The risk … Continue reading

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The best looking horse in the glue factory

My favourite regular guest on KWN, John Embry, describes how the currency war is going between all the major paper currencies, as well as describing the latest buying opportunities in gold and silver: Tremendous Manipulation of Gold & Silver, Extreme … Continue reading

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Plus ça change: Jeffrey Tucker named executive editor of Laissez Faire Books

It came as a big tectonic plate shock to me, but Jeff Tucker is now the executive editor of Laissez Faire books, part of the Agora Financial group. Let us hope that the world will now be filled with even … Continue reading

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497% of debt to GDP ratio: Britain on the brink

No country in the world has a higher debt-to-GDP ratio than the UK, apparently. Some major bank analysts think it’s all about to go underwater. What fun.

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