George Osborne dreaming up income


Apparently, The Telegraph thinks George Osborne told a few deliberate lies, yesterday, about expected future income, to make his bleak outlook seem just that little bit less bleak.

Who’d ‘a’ thunk it? A British politician lying?

Next you’ll be telling me that Murray Rothbard’s solution to this mess is debt repudiation.

I owe the government nothing. I owe the government’s employees nothing. And I owe the government’s bond holders nothing.

Let them eat the immoral gun they’re holding to my head instead, to pay for their unwanted and mostly useless ‘services’, all of which would be destroyed if they were taken out of subsidised tax-fed monopoly.

The other beauty of total debt repudiation is that as well as clearing out all of that destructive crushing debt overhang, it prevents the government borrowing any more money for at least several decades to come.

They would, God forbid, have to rub along on income alone. And then the rest of us would finally realise just how much they have been spending and wasting for the last four decades, in their ‘glorious’ fiat money experiment.

The other wing to that solution is, of course, privatisation. The government should privatise everything that moves, everything that doesn’t move, and everything else that falls into any other category.

Apparently, the government would rather put us all through the wringer for at least ten more wasted years rather than contemplate that horror.

But still, I await the call from the Palace to sort out this mess of their creation.

I could have it all done in less than a week, with time for crumpets and jam on Sunday.

Think of me as ‘The Austrian Technocrat’.

The plan?

  • Bring home all the troops from wherever they are, right now
  • Repudiate all government debt
  • Privatise everything, including, and especially, the production of money

That’s pretty much it.

I think I’ll add some cream to those crumpets.

Oh, and as to those government ‘strikers’ today, who all want me to be bled some more so that they don’t have to feel any pain, please stay on strike on a permanent basis, especially all the parasites who ‘work’ for any tax collection squads.

Within a few weeks we’ll figure out how to manage.

If you’re really lucky, you may even be able to apply for some jobs in the newly-thriving privatised industries that you left behind, if you can demonstrate how those industries will be better off with you in them.

Obviously, you also have the option to just leave, if you can’t face doing something genuinely useful, especially all the tax squad goons. Go somewhere you’re more appreciated, instead, like North Korea.

I’ll write and let you know if you’re missed.

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An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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4 Responses to George Osborne dreaming up income

  1. “The other beauty of total debt repudiation is that as well as clearing out all of that destructive crushing debt overhang, it prevents the government borrowing any more money for at least several decades to come.”

    I would love that to be the case, but history shows that ‘investors’ have been surprisingly willing to resume lending to countries that default.

    Of course, it’s possible that this time will be different.

    • Andy Duncan says:

      Well, alas, perhaps you’re right. But more fool the investors, if they want to throw good money after bad. Here’s the British Government Hybrid Gold Bond Indenture agreement, as issued by Generalissimo Duncan on behalf of the Queen, when she finally appoints him as Life President (when she eventually comes around to her senses):

      “The British Government will take your gold for this ridiculous hybrid bond, and promise to pay you back coupons, in gold, on the terms agreed, and the principal, in gold, on the terms agreed at maturity, unless it doesn’t feel like it. At any time, the British Government may decide to not pay you the agreed coupons, and at maturity, may decide not to pay you back your principal payment. There will be no collateral except the good word of the Generalissimo that he’ll pay you when he feels like it. It’s at your risk. The Generalissimo also takes out lucrative private side bets on all such issued hybrid bonds that you’ll never get any of your gold back, because he will have spent it instead on wine, women, and song, plus wasted the rest. You have been warned.”

      Also, as well, because the British government will have been reduced to a rump basically consisting of one large feathered hat to cover the Generalissimo’s head, to be displayed on ‘Independence Day’, his birthday each year, there’ll be little financing required anyway, and certainly nothing to pay for Olympics festivals, wind farms, or MPs’ expenses.

      As I will sack all MPs on day one, for being worse-than-useless self-aggrandising parasites, that last one will be particularly unlikely.

      • Andy Duncan says:

        PS> I might keep Steve Baker as my deputy, but his salary will be zero, and he’ll receive no expenses. He can do all the work of privatising everything, while I get on with the business of wine, women, and song, as paid for by stupid investors who deserve everything that’s coming to them, who hoped I would use a gun on free people’s heads instead, to make them pay their ‘theft-at-one-remove’ government bonds.

  2. Sounds like my kind of benevolent dictatorship 🙂

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