German politicians threaten to make England part of Euroland


So, history is rhyming again.

Here’s a quote:

“In a chilling threat to UK sovereignty, German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble predicted that all Europe would one day use the single currency. “It will happen perhaps faster than some in the British Isles currently believe,” he said.”

At the speed of a panzer division perhaps?

So, how would they do this? Most people in the UK would vote to leave the EU if given the chance, so we shall never be allowed a referendum on it.

The only way to get the UK’s sheeple to accept Euroland would be to plunge the UK into a terrible wolfish economic hole, and then to position a place within the Euroland sheep fold as the only way out of danger.

One does sometimes get the feeling that there is some sheep herd engineering behind this entire global financial mess, just as The Daily Bell often intimates.

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