Dead On Arrival: The United States of Europe


Splendid article by Jim Davies.

I salute him.


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5 Responses to Dead On Arrival: The United States of Europe

  1. Frank says:

    I take you don’t think that there will be a United States of Europe then? I ask because it seems like every time there is some kind of crisis government only gets even bigger. Maybe the crazy Baptist fundies are right about a new anti-Christ rising out of the EU with the pope leading charge.

    • Andy Duncan says:

      Yes, there will be a United States of Europe. It will be as successful as the Soviet Union/United States. That is, a complete failure. Fortunately, I think it’s failure will be much quicker than either of those revolting monsters. That’s because it’s already dead on arrival. The Soviet Union had the moral element of throwing off disgusting remnants of Russian serfdom/slavery, the Cheka, and the abuses of corrupt Russian politicians allied to an even more corrupt aristocracy. The United States had the moral element of throwing off the stupid incompetent Billy Bunters of the British government. What moral authority will the USE have to command the loyalty of millions? The useless politicians of Europe created a United States of Europe to try to deal with the debt crisis brought on by useless politicians of Europe? It’s hardly something for you to put your hand on your heart about, when you hear the national anthem of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. Let’s not even go anywhere near British people each year wearing poppies to symbolise the blood of fallen men in WWII (in an admittedly slave conscript army) and their refusal to be ruled from a foreign European capital by Germans. Let’s not also go near French people like Mitterand, who hated Germans, and who stripped the Germans of their beloved Deutschmark to castrate them economically, in his pursuance of his ‘European Dream’, i.e. a Carolingian continuation of Napoleon’s dream that France would rule the rest of Europe, including the Germanic barbarians across the Rhine, in an eternal French empire (which is interesting, given that the Frank Charlemagne was a revolting Germanic barbarian himself). Oh, we have a lot more water to go under the bridge, before the horror of the EU finally collapses, but it’s already dead. Thank God. One wonders why the idiots bother, except that each particular idiot in this tragedy is usually receiving a handsome stipend for his or her fascist tendencies. Just follow the money. When the money dries up, the EU’s death will finally be acknowledged, disgusting rotten stinking corrupt politician-infested carcass that it already is. Let us hope that it’s eventual widely acknowledged death will be completely bloodless.

      • Frank says:

        Hope you’re right but if the USE collapses the next step will be world wide government. God knows how that could possibly be thrown off.

  2. Andy Duncan says:

    In the 1970s, nobody could see how the Soviet Union would end. In probably 300AD, nobody could see how the Roman Empire would end. People in China probably wondered how all of the imperial dynasties would end (all of them ended). Have faith Frank. All it takes for an empire to end, even a global one, is for it to lose the tacit support of its subjects. It doesn’t matter how many guns or soldiers they have. Once tacit grudging acceptance goes, they’re all finished. The world government, if God forbid we get one, will actually go quite quickly. Because being so big, it will be that much more incompetent, with the rule being the smaller government it the less incompetent it is. Ask yourself, will the people of North America or Europe really put up with a world government ruled by the Chinese? Will the Russians put up with a world government ruled by the Americans? Will the Chinese put up with a government ruled by the Russians? The whole thing will collapse in decades. Read Henry Hazlitt’s ‘Time Will Run Back’ (free from if you want to see one treatment as to how it will end. This, I believe, is where George Orwell got it wrong in 1984. In the end, Winston Smith will win, rather than be defeated by Big Brother. Because Big Brother is a cancer. And without a vital host, eventually the cancer cells die. The only worry, of course, is that in their death throes they take the rest of us with them in a nuclear oblivion. That is my big worry. Not that the world government will end. It will end. Whether it kills the rest of us in the process is the question, in its bid to remain on top.

  3. Frank says:

    Decades before this all collapses? A lot of good that will do me. I’ll be either a real old man or dead by then. Bleak future.

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