So why don’t they all resign?

The government, the BBC, the Bank of England, and every ‘serious’ economic commentator has got it wrong for the last five years on predicting what will happen to the UK economy, and particularly with the Bank of England and the Treasury, has got it wrong on how to solve the UK’s economic problems.

And still they talk about ‘The Bank of England supporting British industry with more cash injections’ and ‘The ECB being the provider of unlimited resources.’

God, as they say, give us strength.

So do they come to me, who has got it all right for the last five years, and ask me for advice on what to do next to prevent the oncoming depression? (Which is for them all to stop meddling and to let the chips fall where they may, and to sack every useless bureaucrat I can lay my hands on.) Do they all resign and hand all of their salaries and pensions rights to me, who will promptly hand the lot back to the British taxpayers from whom these improbably large sums were originally stolen, and who can then spend these resources on something useful?

Of course they don’t, and of course they won’t. Because as well as being completely incompetent with no clue as to how real economics works, they are all totally selfish as to how they can extract the maximum amount of wealth for themselves from the revolting situation into which they have landed the rest of us with their hilariously incompetent and stupid policies.

The current economic malaise has not been visited upon us by a malevolent universe. It has been created by total government incompetence in their monopoly management of money control and production.

With the UK government a £100 billion pounds off on their own ridiculous spending plans, I think all we can expect is more stolen pelf, corruption, nonsensical Keynesian economics, and economic failure. Alas, unless they do phone me first, it is going to get a lot worse, until it gets so bad, that they have nothing left with which to ‘fix’ the problem (as they see it).

When the collapse and the reset does eventually come, once they cannot meddle any more, we will finally see real light at the end of the tunnel. But this could be five or even ten years away, or perhaps even further if they manage to engineer some stupid Middle East war to try to take our minds off things (such as our sons dying uselessly in Middle Eastern sands or nuclear suitcase bombs going off in Trafalgar Square, planted there by angry people whose parents, brothers, and sisters, have been killed by RAF bombers flying in at 15,000 feet).

Let us pray the reset comes sooner than that.

In the meantime, I shall hang on and wait for the call from the Palace.

Although I have seen and predicted all of the current problems, and know why they were caused, and what the solutions are, I’m afraid because my solution is to get the worse-than-useless government out of the way, I shall probably be waiting in vain.

Still, as ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’ is on the telly, to take our minds off this mind-numbing incompetence, at least we can have a laugh at the studied antics of Freddie Starr.


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An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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