Freedom = Democracy?

The traditional provinces of Libya

The traditional provinces of Libya

Whenever a Rothbardian hears phrases on the MSM such as ‘The government will today announce the people are free’, or ‘the move from the Gaddafi government to the national transitional government will be completed today’, or worst of all, ‘the people are celebrating their move towards democracy and freedom’, he laughs in despair at the success of the state-induced meme that ‘freedom equals democracy’.

People in Libya are not celebrating the forced imposition of western-style democracy upon them by a ‘national transitional council’ created by western security services like MI6, the CIA, and the French DGSE.

They are celebrating the end of dictatorship of another former CIA agent, imposed upon them to control the flow of Libyan oil 42 years ago.

The questions of the BBC, of course, lead to the most hilarity: ‘Are you looking forward to democracy?’

How do you answer that, except in the affirmative?

And if you did say anything else, such as: ‘No, I’m celebrating the end of dictatorship, and the new government will be nothing more than a carve-up between western powers and their appointed stooges, but it should be a little bit better than Gaddafi’, then what would your chance of airtime be anyway?

Why does freedom mean the replacement of one government by another government? What is this ‘National Transitional Council’? Who created it? Who funded it? Who controls it? What gives them the right to appoint a prime minister and any form of government control? Why is Libya not splitting up into its more natural tribal divisions shown above? Why does it have to stay as this western created single entity, riven with these same tribal divisions?

The BBC, of course, fails to ask any questions like this. All they seem to focus on is who pulled the trigger on Gaddafi, and extolling the virtues of freedom equalling democracy.

(I think it’s amusing that the one question they haven’t asked is was it a CIA, MI6, or DGSE assassin dressed up as an Arab? Some of those agents speak remarkably good colloquial Arabic, and as the French air force bombed the final Gaddafi convoy, we also need to know who called that strike in? Was it the same French DGSE assassin who finished Gaddafi off afterwards? Surely if it was a real local Arab, they would be claiming the glory? Why no glory-grabber? Why does the BBC not ask these kinds of questions? The closest we got to it was a local Arab saying ‘Somebody shot him’. Who? As a former CIA agent, Gaddafi knew about an awful lot of skeletons, especially involving the snake Tony Blair, and could have spilled a awful lot of beans. How convenient then, that he is now dead. I suspect that ‘Dearest Tony’, another stooge of the CIA, will be the most relieved. Perhaps he got his friend Dave to send in an MI6 assassin to back up the French one? If the French one was a stunningly attractive lady, dressed up in a Burqa, you’d almost have the beginnings of a new James Bond movie.)

Still, although the above could form the plot line for a new Daniel Craig movie, or even an Andy McNab novel, I suppose we’ll never know. Especially with the saps that the mainstream media employ as ‘reporters’.

But getting back to democracy equalling freedom. If you think that holds true, then let me ask you ten questions to see how comfortable you really feel about that, in our ‘free’ western-world countries:

Do you feel free when:

  • Driving past a police speed camera?
  • You ask for two packets of Sudafed and you’re told that it is illegal to buy more than one packet at a time?
  • You decide to take your children on holiday outside of school term time, and the government school refuses permission?
  • You receive a tax demand from the government?
  • A police car moves in behind yours on a motorway?
  • The local government council insist that you recycle your waste and fines you if you refuse?
  • A moron at an airport insists that they X-ray you, or you will be unable to catch your flight, or may even be arrested?
  • A customs officer asks you where you’ve been, when you land, and questions what business you were up to? If you refuse to answer, you will be arrested.
  • This same customs officer searches your bags, with the threat that if you refuse to allow this, you will be arrested?

And that’s a normal person doing normal things.

If you want to do anything the government disapproves of (such as light up a cigarette in a restaurant, with the restaurant owner’s permission, or smoke a cigarette laced with strands of vegetable material from the hemp plant) then good luck with that.

Also, if you live in one of the many western countries that maintain a military draft, then what exactly is it that distinguishes that from slavery? And as far as I know, the British government still retains the ‘right’ to re-institute a draft at any time, at its discretion.

What we live in is a fascist system, with big corporations entwined with government, and the tyranny of democracy used to crush all opposition. Let us never forget that both Mussolini and Hitler were ‘fairly’ elected in democratic elections.

And let me make a simple prediction that the elected government created by the ‘national transitional council’ in Libya will be a horrible stitched-up construction, almost as bad as Gaddafi, and where you will be given nothing more to choose from than candidates selected for you by the national transitional council.

Whenever we encounter the government up close and personal, even in the glorified west, it is a horrible threatening demeaning experience, usually delivered to us by rent-seeking morons. And there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it. Even at the moment in the UK, even given the ‘magic’ of democracy, we are ruled over by a government that nobody voted for.

Free? Yeah, right. So long as you obey the government.


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One Response to Freedom = Democracy?

  1. Bob Roddis says:

    Mr. Duncan:

    Our side cannot overstate enough the problems caused by “democracy” especially in the third world in areas consisting of multiple ethnic and religious groups, such as Libya.

    The book “Politics in Plural Societies: A Theory of Democratic Instability” by Alvin Rabushka Kenneth Shepsle from 1972 pretty much proves that multi-ethnic democracies always break down into ethnic/and or religious factions. The more democratic socialism, the more of the nation is owned by the state. The largest ethnic group invariably wins that first election and then owns the socialist state, and therefore most of the nation.

    Here’s the original book as a pdf file:

    And for sale on

    Democracy is, in essence, a mob attack on private property and individual rights and always plays out as such. Spreading democracy in lieu of spreading meticulous enforcement of private property and contract rights is a recipe for creating the third world of today that we all know and love, especially in multi-ethnic societies.

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