Government-measured price inflation closes in on 20-year high

As the government-manipulated figures of price inflation in the UK climb ever-higher (deliberately instigated by an HM Treasury department, sometimes known as the Bank of England, to wipe out government debt through financial repression), David Cameron has taken it upon himself to lecture some hapless energy business leaders about how to get lower energy prices:

“Prime minister says the ‘big six’ energy companies will be permanently watched to ensure there is a competitive market”

I hope one of the CEOs of these ‘big six’ companies had the cojones to say Cameron’s face:

“All we need to watch, Prime Minister, is you. Especially your itchy finger over the money-printing trigger, to prop up your vain ambition. If you could man-up and tell the Bank of England to stop printing money, stop borrowing so much money to prop up worse-than-useless government regulator salaries, and actually cut government spending rather than just talking about it, come back and see us again sometime soon to lecture us once more about rising energy prices. Until then, just look in the mirror if you want to see why energy prices are rocketing upwards.”

However, despite government control of the education system, I get the feeling that less and less people are being fooled by these political stunts. I think most people know where rising prices are coming from. Directly from Number Ten Downing Street and the money printers under the Prime Minister’s command.


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