Meanwhile, back in Cloud Cuckoo Land


David Cameron (pictured above) has recently taken time out from holding the shambles of his miserable coalition together (which was not voted for by anybody at the last general election), to threaten supermarkets that they either do what he tells them on the vital subject of plastic shopping bags, or he will force them to do so at gunpoint. (Some choice.)

The massive increasing government spending deficit which has caused our economic crisis (soon to get much worse); the droves of wealthy entrepreneurs fleeing Britain for more welcoming shores; and the continued waste and destruction of real capital caused by artificially low interest rates and money printing can all go hang.

This is what we learned on the playing fields of Eton. That to maintain personal power at all costs, even in crumbling shell of a crumbling economy, one must continually appeal to Guardian readers whose salaries and pensions are paid for out of government deficit spending.

Welcome to a fascist Britain, ruled over by Lilliputian pygmies.

All of this, and much more, is beautifully caricatured by the masterful James Delingpole:

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