Back to basics


Whenever I meet someone who really knew Professor Rothbard well, such as Professor Hoppe, Doug French, or David Gordon, I usually succumb to the forces of socialism (albeit temporarily, before sanity and Austrianism prevail) and experience genuine envy.

Where would we all be without Uncle Murray?

Without Rothbard, Austrianism would be deprived of its very own Sharpe, its very own Aragorn, or its very own Harry Potter. Yes, Mises steps into the role of Wellington, Gandalf, or Dumbledore, but it is always Rothbard who ultimately apprehends or confronts Napoleon, Sauron, or Voldemort (take your pick) in their own front yard.

Rothbard is the hero who names the enemy and then attacks the enemy’s bought-and-paid-for wall of intellectual orcs, trolls, and wargs who protect the state in return for their own sordid major slice of the pelf.

You may remember a scene from Lord of the Rings where Aragorn single-handedly attacks the copious ranks of MSM trolls who guard the gates of Mordor.

That was Murray Rothbard.

Indeed, one even sometimes wonders if his relatively early death was entirely innocent?

But before I stumble inadvertently into my own private conspiracy theory, I thought perhaps we should step away from the hilarious gaming of the gold price by desperate Bilderberg Cartel central banks, and perhaps examine a masterclass from the master instead, to put it all into perspective.

There really will never be another Murray Rothbard:


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