Watching the wheels go round


As we gold bugs kick off our shoes and watch the rest of the world finally realise that western governments lack omnipotence and that Keynesianism is a busted flush (while at the same time backing our trucks into the flood of gold ingots pouring out of the western central banks), I thought some of us might want to relax even further by watching James Turk interview Alasdair Macleod, of FinanceAndEconomics.Org.

Despite being British – as an Englishman with a Scottish name – Mr Macleod is remarkably intelligent, and I’m simply staggered that the Cobden Centre’s talent scouts have failed to recruit him already.

No doubt, after watching this video, that mistake will quickly be rectified, unless of course he is already a shadowy ‘Mr Big’ behind the Cobden Centre scene. We shall see.

In the meantime, while you’re filling up your truck on the dip, here is Mr Macleod, who explains why 1844 was such a major deal, and why Britain is currently such a laughable basket case of idiot politicians making such colossally huge economic mistakes at everyone else’s cost:


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