What doesn’t Jim Rickards know?

Eric King recently asked Jim Rickards about a hundred and fifty questions covering everything you could possibly think of, if you’re a hard core gold bug watching ‘The Cartel’ trying to stop gold going permanently through the $1,900 dollars barrier. In a remarkable polymathic exposition, Mr Rickards had a cogent answer to everything thrown at him.

If you’re a gold bug, you must check out this interview:

Or in other words, as the nascent world government ‘Cartel’ tries to stop the re-emergence of a gold standard, their every move is leading us directly towards the re-emergence of a gold standard.

Perhaps it’s God’s little joke on humanity? Whatever you don’t want to do most, is always the thing most likely to happen.

“See that pretty girl on the other side of the school playground? I hope I don’t spill cherry cola all down my new white shirt right in front of her.”

Go on, guess what usually happens next.

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An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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