And so now the battle for Middle-Earth begins…


As Gandalf said at the end of ‘The Two Towers’, the battle at Helms Deep was just a single victory. The real victory over Sauron will occur at the gates of Mordor.

$1,900 gold IS the gates of Mordor.

All the forces of Bilderberg hell will be applied by Barad-Dur (the central banks under the tutelage of the CFR) to keep gold below $1,900 dollars an ounce.

Because once that particular Anduin is crossed, the gates of $2,000 become wide open.

And at that crucial psychological point, the fear of Sauron will dissipate in the wind.

All they’ll have after that will be confiscation.

But if they do that, with an asset which is ‘not money’, then they will have lost anyway.

Roubini is soon going to become an open idiot, hopefully followed by Krugman.

Though Sunday night will prove interesting when the gold price ‘mysteriously’ drops by $150 dollars, driven by the cartel, and all the forces at their disposal (which admittedly are considerable).

It won’t work, of course. But we’ll have fun watching them try.

Stand by your beds for $2,000 dollar gold. But it’s gonna be rough.


About Andy Duncan

An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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