Principato di Filettino: A step on the road to Hoppe World?

In the magnificent Peter Sellers film, The Mouse That Roared, the strangely English-speaking Duchy of Grand Fenwick, a tiny nation between France and Switzerland, defeats the United States in a rather bizarre nuclear stand-off.

Will another such Duchy, the tiny Italian town of Filettino, similarly defeat the horrible coerced agglomeration known as Italy, inside the even more horrible coerced agglomeration known as the European Union?

We can but hope.

For Filettino has declared its independence from Rome, in a bid to emulate San Marino, Monaco, the Vatican City, and Andorra (and I suppose the Cantons of Switzerland itself, when they shook off the First Reich of the mass murderer Charlemagne, and his rotten Holy Roman Empire).

Obviously, we will see if Filettino’s independence lasts, or if it is just another political stunt, but it is an interesting event to witness nevertheless. For when in the future we look back from ‘Hoppe World’ and work out how we got there, historians will regard such incidents as being symptomatic of a wider terminal malaise of coerced collectivism:

Go Filettino!


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2 Responses to Principato di Filettino: A step on the road to Hoppe World?

  1. Gareth B says:

    Secession! Although, the twist is it’s being orchestrated by government officials of the lowest levels in order to preserve their own status. In the nation-state hierarchy, they’re first in line to get cut off from the trough, you see… Still interesting, though.

    • Kan-Wil-Sal says:

      Gareth B,
      There are ways and means to go about it, it will not happen everywhere the same as the communities and their aspirations would not be the same everywhere. Here is South-Africa we have Orania ( which is going from strength to strength it is an Afrikaner ethnic community, economically based on private property with an enthuses on self-reliance. In other places it might be principalities, theocracies, what-ever. If we can get all these small city states and intentional communities to trade with one another and thereby subvert central government’s everywhere, a lot can be accomplished. If we can show via example that such small communities and city states outperform central states more communities will join and the world of Hans-Hermann Hoppe can come about, but we need organization or cooperation rather but someone with money and time need to visit all of them and there are hundreds and get a strategy going for tax free trade.

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