The Zero Hedge Effect

Whenever I’m in Canary Wharf, in London, I always like to spend my lunchtimes in the main coffee plaza ostentaciously reading Zero Hedge at full magnification on my iPad.

Obviously, most people rush past on their way to ‘Pret’ or ‘Eat’ or ‘Starbucks’, without a second glance.

However, every now and again I get a rueful smile and a look, from a fellow traveller.

Ok, you’ve probably used more effective pick-up tactics yourself, if you like that kind of thing, but I reckon from this totally unscientific survey, that about 1% or 2% of people know what Zero Hedge is all about, and God Bless Them for doing so.

Yes, not amazing numbers, but it’s better than I would’ve guessed beforehand.

The revolution is spreading.


About Andy Duncan

An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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