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Jim Rickards: The first major currency to go towards gold backing will be the only currency that anyone wants

Although this blog will eventually get to other subjects other than the rather narrow topic of gold money, this is another video in the recent Turk series, this time with Jim Rickards, in which Mr Rickards is brave enough to … Continue reading

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The Emperor Has Lost His Clothes

James Turk interviews regular KWN-favourites Jim Sinclair, John Embry, and Eric Sprott about the current financial situation in the world, at the recent GATA conference. I won’t trouble you by reviewing what they say, as you can probably guess most … Continue reading

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Thomas Jacob on the New Swiss Gold Franc, Why the EU Is a Bad Idea and Why an IMF Managed Currency Would Be Tragic

My friend Thomas Jacob, a modern day William Tell, is interviewed by The Daily Bell about his progressing plan to introduce a gold franc into Switzerland: Thomas Jacob, with Anthony Wile, 14th August, 2011 You might also like to hear … Continue reading

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Don’t Swallow the FED’s $16 Trillion Suicide Pill

My friend Michael McKay has written a must-read article on LRC about the explosive cocktail of debt the Federal Reserve has cooked up, which makes the gunpowder plot look like a pina colada. The end result of this is going … Continue reading

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Jim Rickards: “US Will Revalue Gold to $7,000” & More

One of the smartest guys around, Jim Rickards, talks about 40 years of global fiat money, on yesterday’s anniversary of its birth on the 15th of August, 1971, and describes how he thinks Marc Faber’s ‘Great Reset’ will take place, … Continue reading

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The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom

Peter Oborne is one of the few MSMers who can see through the elite’s fog of deception: Oborne on the Riots, Telegraph Blogs

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Peter Schiff: What to Expect, & More

Eric King interviews Peter Schiff about what Connecticut’s Finest thinks of the current global financial situation. He notes that while Alan Greenspan thinks the U.S. will never default, because it can always print money, Zimbabwe never defaulted either: Peter Schiff … Continue reading

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