Please please me


Tyler Durden, of ZeroHedge, predicts that the EU and the rotten pre-bancor Euro currency may die as early as the 23rd of September:

No doubt, the central planners of the EUSSR will try to keep the socialist dream going a little longer, even though they may be starting to realise that once again Hayek is right.

Central planning always fails, because the only form of planning which works is if millions and billions of agents are using their own individual human action plans to make their own lives better, rather than relying upon the flawed plans of a few self-appointed government ‘experts’, all of whom always put their own personal interests first (because that’s what all humans do all the time).

So if Tyler is right, and the EU is going to die in less than four weeks, I only have a single thing to say. Bring it on.

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6 Responses to Please please me

  1. Mike says:

    Well, that would seem a bit of an optimistic forecast to me. Hope he’s right though.

    • Andy Duncan says:

      We can but hope. Though it really is all too volatile at the moment for anyone to know what’s coming, except that fiat money is dying, as it has every time before it has been tried. It’s had a good crack, this time, at forty years. That’s still less time than it used to last in China, every time they tried it, however.

      • Mike says:

        Why wouldn’t they simply go to the bancor or some other global currency? I know these fiat money masters are not going quietly into th night.

        BTW, love your site Andy. Hope you stick around for awhile.

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