Cameron Insistence on Spending Cuts Questioned by Allies as Economy Sags


Various dim-witted Conliberal and Labservative pinheads continue to argue about which of their little deckchair empires should be preserved, as the ship of the British economy continues to sink inexorably into a sea of paper money, endless regulations, and choking taxes.

I’m still waiting, of course, for the call from Downing Street to sort it all out, but alas, I do not think any politicians will like my message:

“Stop doing anything, especially printing money, then let it all work itself through without your own stupid knee-jerk interventions which are dragging it out and making it worse. If you must do something, then start slashing government spending, especially the sacking of tax inspectors and regulators. After the first wave of removing the most hated leeches, if it moves, privatise it. If it doesn’t move, privatise it. If there’s anything left after that, then privatise it. Then sack yourselves, the most dangerous leeches of all.”

I can’t imagine many politicians would like to hear that message, though it’s the only thing which will avoid us going into a draconian police state. I think they would rather do that, however, than give up their worse-than-useless control and their use of the ministerial limousine pool, and the ability to siphon our money into their pockets via their control of the fiat paper law machine in Westminster.

In the meantime, roll on with the de-industrialisation of Britain and its degradation into a banana republic, though I suppose that’s actually quite insulting to banana republics.

About Andy Duncan

An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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