The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom


Peter Oborne is one of the few MSMers who can see through the elite’s fog of deception:

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2 Responses to The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom

  1. (Cross Posted)
    Very interesting comments. More than the article itself. But they pose a problem:

    In order to stipulate that a proposition is moral or not requires some reasoning by which to claim it is not simply arbitrary. To that end, moral and ethical statements are universally statements that prohibit involuntary or non-normative (expected) transfers from one individual or group to another. Taxes and benefits are normative (expected) transfers. In the case of rioters and politicians alike, the privatization (theft or corruption) of goods is involuntary, and unexpected. It is immoral. ie; there is no difference.

    What is more interesting than the obvious fact that politicians are corrupt and the dependent ravage and steal, is that the commenters somehow believe that a virtuous political class and a virtuous proletariat are somehow possible to construct, if only we chide and ridicule them enough. Rather than questioning why, in an age of technology, we need politicians and bureaucrats who are prone to corruption and privatization to make choices about the allocation of resources on the behalf of the citizenry and why a dependent and combative class can be immigrated in volume into the country faster than they can be assimilated into the culture of morals, ethics, manners and rules, as well as the economy itself.

    It is even more interesting how dependent the lower classes are in the UK. It is no wonder that they act like rebellious serfs, and the politicians act like corrupt nobility – the structure of the political system simply enables both of them. History repeats itself because the social sentiments of the different classes have not changed. We create what we believe in – even if it’s false.

    It is the most self-congratulatory form of vanity, to criticize others for their moral failure, while at the same time creating a political and economic system which propagates the opportunity to congratulate one’s self on one’s wisdom, precisely because the system itself is unwise.

    Man is not virtuous. The virtue of capitalism, is that we do not need to be – because we can only survive through the service of others.

    • Andy Duncan says:

      Alas, Mr Oborne is in the MSM, so he is no believer in the totally voluntary society, however it is at least good that he has seen a least a little of the light, if not the full Hoppeian vision.

      I remember reading somewhere once that all the successful religions are successful because they preach that to be in service of God is to serve your fellow man.

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