Ben Davies: The Tipping Point Has Been Reached

Since 2008, the western world has used inflation to assuage the effects of the latest crash caused by the earlier housing price inflation programme.

This three year effort, since 2008, has failed, and GDP figures are dropping all over the western world, as the tipping point has been crossed because the Keynesian game is up.

This collapsing of economic growth means government tax revenues are falling, at the same time that government expenditures are rising to service all the debt they have taken on, to pathetically ‘restimulate’ their economies in a nonsensical programme that has clearly failed, and to pay off all of their government employees who otherwise threaten civil unrest, thereby causing GDP figures to drop even lower, in an economic process of circling the drain.

The only way out for these governments, as they see it from their idiotic and corrupt socialist standpoint, is to print more money.

We may also see moves such as Greece borrowing all the money it can, in the full knowledge that they will then leave the Eurozone the minute the money-spigot is turned off, and then default on all of their debts.

[I’m sure the German taxpayers funding this EU largesse are going to love that.]

Ben Davies discusses all of the above with Eric King, plus an analysis of silver and the precious metal mining sector, in the latest KWN interview, below:

Listen out particularly for the ‘Roadmap’ of Mr Davies, towards major civil unrest and perhaps war, which he delivers as a verbal broadside in the last two minutes of the show:

“We deny. We pretend. We raise taxes. We then blame everyone else for our problems. Then we cut benefits and talk about austerity. We then revise retirement ages. Then we borrow money. Then we realise that we can’t actually borrow any money until we print some money. Then we try and borrow some more. And then we hope that no-one understands that actually we can’t borrow any more money. Then we print some more money. Then we have some re-structuring of the debt. And then ultimately, and this is where you think of places like Argentina, you go and confiscate all the private pension money, and you renege on your public social securities and liabilities.”

It sounds to me like George Osborne, David Cameron, Vince Cable, Nick Clegg, and Ed Miliband, plus all of the other socialist politicians in Britain, must be listening to such KWN podcast soliloquies and using them as a handbook guide towards the complete financial destruction of this country.

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