Radio Free Market World Report: The Estonian Experience

I have just released my first interview for ‘Radio Free Market World Report’, under the ‘Radio Free Market’ banner of Michael McKay. Here’s a link to the interview:

Here’s the blurb that accompanies the piece:

Welcome to the first ever ‘Radio Free Market World Report’.

In this new series, I will be speaking to various champions of liberty around the world about the development and prospect for liberty in their various countries, particularly from an Austrian viewpoint in the tradition of Murray Rothbard.

I will also interview the authors of recent books about their work, to help promote their ideas.

Tonight, in this first report, I speak to Paul Vahur, an entrepreneur from Estonia, a Baltic Republic which 20 years ago used to be part of the Soviet Empire.

The Estonians freed themselves from the USSR in 1991, along with Latvia and Lithuania.

I thought it would be interesting to examine how liberty has transformed this country in the last two decades, after this glorious day of freedom, and what the situation looks like now, as they enter their seventh year within the fold of the European Union, which they entered in 2004.

Mr Vahur founded the website, and also helps run the Estonian Mises circle.

We discuss the ‘Singing Revolution’ of 1991, and the current political situation within Estonia, and examine how far the ideas of liberty have entered the spirit of this small independent country.


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3 Responses to Radio Free Market World Report: The Estonian Experience

  1. mattthetalker says:

    The link to your interview displays an error page- I tried it on two browsers (firefox and Android).

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